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As a career public servant, I believe I have the skills to help the city work for my neighbors and promote equity and livability for all ANC1B01 residents. I have spent the last two years as a Commissioner working with residents in LeDroit Park and North Shaw about the issues that matter to them. Below are the topics I care about - and what I've heard from you.
Supporting our vulnerable neighbors

In a city as wealthy as Washington, DC, we must prioritize our resources to meet the needs of all residents, new and old. Now more than ever, that requires supporting our vulnerable neighbors by ensuring access to stable housing, healthy food, affordable healthcare, educational attainment, and other supportive services.

Focusing on safety and livability 

LeDroit Park and North Shaw are not immune from broader trends in which some crimes are increasing while others are decreasing. We also know that basic services like trash delivery and streetscaping require occasional troubleshooting and advocacy. I will continue to work with the LeDroit Park Civic Association to bring together neighbors and city agencies to focus on safety and quality of life issues.

Promoting Equitable Development

The District needs more housing and our communities need to have a say in how it is developed. I will work with neighbors and the city to promote development projects that bring more housing to NW in a way that is consistent with the unique history and architecture of LeDroit Park and North Shaw.

Sharing our streets

LeDroit and North Shaw have some of the best walkability in the District. With that comes the responsibility to prioritize pedestrian, bicycle, and traffic safely along the Florida Ave corridor and adjacent streets. I will work with DDOT to continue safety enhancements - especially on Florida Ave and 4th Street - to reduce speeding and improve access for buses and bikes.

Ensuring meaningful access to public space

The Park at LeDroit is a centerpiece of our community. I support the Friends of the Park’s efforts to advocate for community-driven capital improvements and deliver programming that helps all community members come together and feel safe and welcome.

Empowering small business relationships

Access to great restaurants and amenities make ANC1B01 special. I will continue work with businesses in the U Street Corridor to ensure they have the flexibility to deal with pandemic challenges while being compatible with the residential neighborhoods around them.

Nurturing connections between Howard University and surrounding community

LeDroit Park enjoys a proud legacy growing up alongside one of the most prestigious and mission-driven academic institutions in the country. I will continue to leverage this relationship to enhance connection, cooperation, and community between the university and neighbors.

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